Updating theories, methods, concepts

What is the state of the field in the study of religion in modern China and Taiwan? How to study this subject? What are the methodologies and critical concepts that are used, how can we improve or even replace them with more suitable ones? And how can this discussion on the study of religion in modern China and Taiwan participate in the global academic discourse on the study of religion?

The conference “Framing the Study of Religion in Modern China and Taiwan: Methods, Concepts and New Research Paths” will address all those questions. The event will be held at the University of Groningen, 9-12 December 2015.

The invited speakers include Yang Fenggang, Christopher Daily, Vincent Goossaert, Rongdao Lai, Amy Holmes-Tagchungdarpa, Wai-yip Ho, Brian Nichols, Susan McCarthy, André Laliberté, Rebecca Nedostup, Yen-zen Tsai, Jason Clower, Paul Katz, May-fair Yang, Ester Bianchi, Gregory Adam Scott, Stefania Travagnin, Ya-pei Kuo, Erik Hammestrom, Elena Valussi, Weishan Huang, Adam Yuet Chau, James Miller.

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